The Most Funnest Water in The World.

How are you feeling today?  #happy, #cool, #healthy, or perhaps #lazy or #grumpy? Now you can communicate mood with your water. Toronto based Moodwater has packaged Canadian Spring water with colourful “moodicons”.

I have been working with Moodwater for a few years, helping them with their in-store merchandising. Moodwater is now available across Canada in many locations including Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws and popcorn company Kernels.

Being a young company that is focused on branding, Moodwater, also releases special edition moods like #pride for the Toronto Pride Festival and holiday edition #xmassy.  Moodwater has used current trends to build their brand, they noticed a gap in the bottled water market and with the use of colourful emoji characters and social media ready hashtags they created a company out of thin air. Or should I say water?

Moodwater States, “Until now, drinking bottled water has been a boring, lacklustre activity – it really was just no fun at all. That’s because, until now, Moodicons™ did not exist”

What is your mood today? I’m feeling #creative.

Image Credit: Moodwater

Tony Spagnolo

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