The $3500 Porsche Soundbar that is made from a 911 exhaust

The $3500 Porsche 911 Soundbar

Porsche Design had developed a high performance soundbar audio system. The team at Porsche Design have taken the twin exhaust from the 911 GT3 and converted it to a high performance soundbar. The 200-watt table top design is integrated with all the latest audio technology and connects wirelessly to your tablet or smartphone.

By using the components from the 911, the speaker achieves a higher maximum volume, with the sound resonating from the twin chrome exhaust tips. The details of the forged titanium silencer with exposed burnished welds adds a high level of authenticity. The front grille on the base displays the led volume control.

The insanely cool soundbar will costs $3500.00, a reasonable price considering it is made from $3000 worth of Porsche parts. For Porsche fans this is a statement piece that is not only functional but also sculptural.

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