Swarovski Pop-UP Tiff Lounge at IT House 2017

Originally published September 16th 2017

The Swarovski Pop-Up Tiff Lounge at IT House 2017 was the most exciting project that I have worked on in my 20 years of design. I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to create this space with the amazing teams at Swarovski, Toronto PR agency NKPR and Middleton Group. It would become the site of several high profile events that would run throughout Tiff week.

Site Tour and Concept Renderings

Working with an extremely tight timeline, I toured the raw existing space to get an understanding of the dynamics of the space and how guests would interact with it. I always attempt to create a big impact element that will be the highlight of the installation. Running through the center of the space was a built-in water feature that I was told wouldn’t have water. With the Swarovski brand in mind, I set out to create a “Crystal Cityscape Concept”. 

IT Lounge Space Photo
IT Lounge Space Photo
Swarovski Tiff Lounge 2017 Conept Rendering Main Entrance
Swarovski Tiff Lounge 2017 Concept Rendering Main Entrance
Swarovski Tiff Lounge 2017 Concept Rendering View 2
Swarovski Tiff Lounge 2017 Conept Rendering Back View
Swarovski Tiff Lounge 2017 Concept Rendering Back View







































Design and Fabrication

The original concept rendering shows illuminated crystals rising from the center water fountain area. The side wall had screens that were covered in large faceted graphics. With some minor revisions, the concept was approved. Then came the task of completing the installation within 14 days.

The first challenge was to create the center crystals. With the talented team at Middleton Group working overtime, we came up with some great ideas. We used various thicknesses of acrylic sheet, cut to various heights and angles. Some of the clear acrylic pieces were sanded to create some texture. The center feature was over 26 feet in length, so it was fabricated in sections, which could be easily installed. We then decided to use superbright led lights to uplight the area to create an amazing glowing effect.

Cut Acrylic pieces for the feature section of the installation








Production and Installation

With the feature area in production, the rest of the space started to come together. The side walls were covered with printed plastic panels to add some depth and reflection. We designed and fabricated some jewlery displays to showcase the Swarovski product and added a large led panel with the Swarovski logo to hightlight the bar area.

Final Install Images

With the launch fast approaching, the team went into action and the installation was complete. The results and feedback were amazing.

Spcial thanks Matthew Irani and Annette Ryan of Swarovski, Natasha Koifman and her amazing team at NKPR and Middleton Group for the opportunity to have been a part of this incredible design project.



Tony Spagnolo

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