Softbank to invest up to $750 Million in Zume’s Pizza-Making Robots

Pizza-making robots named Pepe, Gorgio, Bruno, and Leonardo have things under control and with a big investment from Softbank coming, this could be the next big thing in pizza.  California start-up Zume Pizza aims to deliver the worlds freshest pizza with its “Baked on the Way” delivery trucks. The custom-made trucks are equipped with 56 ovens and can cook up to 120 pies per hour.  Zume pizza uses AI (Artificial intelligence) and robots that work with humans to create awesome and unique pizzas.

It all starts with the Dough-bot

The pizza-making robots allow for repetitive tasks to be automated, which according to CEO Julia Collins, ensures a more consistent pizza. The whole process starts with the Dough-bot which presses a dough ball flat, then Pepe and Gorgio, the sauce extruding robots pour the perfect amount of sauce before sending it over to Marda, the sauce spreading robot. The toppings are placed on by humans in a process dubbed Co-bot, a human/robot interaction. Bruno the 6-axis robot arm then places the pizza in the 1500-degree oven which only partially cooks the pizza, before Leonardo the Chopping robot, cuts the pizza into 8 perfect slices.

Custom Delivery Trucks are equipped with ovens.

The pizza finishes cooking on route to the customer in computer-controlled ovens on UPS sized delivery trucks. The pizzas are placed on a custom biodegradable container made of sugar cane which is designed to keep the pizza fresh. High-quality ingredients along with super-fast hot delivery are allowing Zume to take a slice of the $44 billion pizza pie industry.


Tony Spagnolo

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