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I didn’t know much about RIMOWA luggage before I started working with them nearly five years ago, RIMOWA came to Middleton Group to help develop their window displays for their North American Stores. I can’t express how fortunate I am to work with this group, everyone from their marketing department to their store managers are amazing. I’m a firm believer that great companies create great employees. This inspired me to learn more about the product and the brand.

My Salsa Deluxe Cabin Multi-wheel- in Yachting Blue

Form follows function – I love traveling with my Salsa Deluxe, I tend to travel as light as possible and this case is ideal for weekend trips but in fact, it is the only piece of luggage I used for an 8-day trip to Italy last summer. The multi-wheel system helps navigate the luggage in any direction on nearly any surface, even through the cobblestone streets of Rome.  The interior makes good use of space, and the materials are strong and durable. I could to separate my clothing and secure it with their divider system. The telescoping handle feels strong and gives you confidence that it won’t break. The built-in TSA lock (a RIMOWA first) is easy to use and incredibly practical. Overall this luggage performs like a high-end luggage should, and once you feel the glide of these wheels, it will be hard for you to go back.

Did you know?

RIMOWA began in 1898 when founder Koffermanufaktur Paul Morszeck began creating cases out of wood with an emphasis on lightweight construction and durability. In 1920’s the companies case became the choice of world travelers, in 1937 the company’s founder son launches the world’s first aluminum suitcases. The brand RIMOWA comes from his name RIchard MOrszeck WArenzeichen.

The Original Suitcases with the Grooves

In 1950 – The is when RIMOWA’ s signature design characteristic started and to this day can be seen on all of their product and is even a signature design element of their head office and retail locations.

In 1976, the first metal waterproof cases are produced and used for sensitive equipment for film and television crews.

In 2000 RIMOWA once again revolutionizes the industry with the first use of polycarbonate in luggage production, in what Dieter Morszecks called “Handmade Meets High-Tech”

In 2006 RIMOWA luggage is fitted with innovative with TSA-LOCK another industry first

Other cool things

RIMOWA has been as star in Hollywood for many years and has appeared in many of your favorite movies – see this link for the list https://www.RIMOWA.com/en-us/movies

RIMOWA rebuilt a classic Junkers F13  – Seriously Cool https://www.RIMOWA.com/en-ca/in-the-air

In January of 2017 RIMOWA officially became part of Luxury Brand LVMH after completing an over 640 million Euro purchase for 80%. The company’s founders grandson Dieter Morszeck and LVMH chair son’s Alexander Arnault as Co-CEO


Look for a large North American and world expansion under LVMH.



Tony Spagnolo

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