Peak Design – The Silicon Valley Bag Company that funds its company from Kickstarter

Peak Design is the Silicon Valley Bag Company that funds its company from Kickstarter. Handbags may have always been the quintessential accessory for women. But with our love for technology, urban lifestyles and travel, men have driven a trend for the “do everything bag”.  A simple filter in crowdsourcing site Kickstarter showing bags in design and sorted by the most funded reveals 1063 projects with names like The Everyday Backpack, The NOMATIC travel bag, and Avanada.

For example, the top 3 most funded bags are:

Everyday Backpack Tote and Sling – $6,565,782 with nearly 27,000 backers

The Everyday Messenger Bag – $4,869,472 with 17,000 backers

The NOMATIC travel Bag – $1,725,336 with 9000 backers.

This just represents a very small portion of the industry, but definitely demonstrates the scale of this trend. These products have features like built-in storage for technology, are customisable and are meticulously designed.

Both the Everyday Backpack and Messenger Bag are designed and manufactured by Peak Design out of San Francisco, a product development company that is 100% crowdfunded. Driven by a love of photography and adventure, Peak Design is currently the most crowdfunded active company with over $14 million dollars raised. They have an amazing story and are a great example of how a design-driven philosophy can lead to success. They are also part of another larger trend, environmental impact, they donate 1% of revenue to environmental non-profits and also guarantee their products for life and will repair any broken parts.

Tony Spagnolo

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