Never Lose Suction… Dyson opens first Canadian Demo Store


The company that made vacuums cool is now opening demo stores.  The first Canadian location in Toronto’s upscale Yorkdale mall allows consumers to test out products and learn more about the technology.

This is the statement from Dyson:

Dyson technology works differently, it is engineered to solve real problems. The best way to understand it is to experience it. This is why the Dyson Demo was created – a place that brings to life the science and engineering at the heart of each machine.

Last year Dyson entered the personal grooming market with the launch of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. At this demo store, consumers can book a complimentary appointment with a stylist and talk to a product expert.

The environment is welcoming and feels more like a lounge than a typical store, you won’t find any boxed product on the floor. All products are either on display or for testing. The modern black and white décor is complimented by large digital screens and bright illuminated signs. It is a true branded environment that focuses on the customer experience.

This Car Sucks

Last year Dyson announced it would invest more than $2.7 billion to build a swoon-worthy, zero-emissions vehicle by 2020. One of the biggest hurdles in launching an automotive product is how to introduce and sell it to the public. Is the Dyson demo store just a placeholder space until Sir James is ready to launch his car? And more importantly will the car come with a built-in vacuum cleaner?

What do you think? Would you buy a Dyson Car?

Did you know?

–  James Dyson developed 5,127 prototype designs between 1979 and 1984. The first prototype vacuum cleaner, a red and blue machine, brought Dyson little success, as he struggled to find a licensee for his machine in the UK and America. Manufacturing companies like Hoover did not want to license the design, probably because the vacuum bag market was worth $500m so Dyson was a threat to their profits.

-Even though market research showed that people wouldn’t be happy with a transparent container for the dust, Dyson and his team decided to make a transparent container anyway and this turned out to be a popular and enduring feature which has been heavily copied.[8] The DC01 became the biggest selling vacuum cleaner in the UK in just 18 months.[5] By 2001, the DC01 made up 47% of the upright vacuum cleaner market.[9]



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