BMW beware… The Italians are coming….

Repost from Feb. 2016. Update coming…

Like many Industrial Designers, I had ambitions to become a car designer when I started design school, In fact, my thesis project coming out of Humber College Industrial Design program 16 years ago was designing a car. My love for automotive design never changed, and I love to check out all of the new models when the AutoShow comes town.¬† This year marks the return of Alfa Romeo to North America with the highly anticipated Giulia, leave it to the Italians to just give the car a women’s name, to begin with. The top model the Quadrifolgio, comes equipped with a Ferrari-derived 2.9 Bi-Turbo V6, delivering a class-leading 505 horsepower. Quadrifolgio¬† translates to Four-leaf clover, a symbol of Alfa’s racing history, marked by a badge on the cars side panel, it would be compared to BMW’s M series. This is beautiful from every angle If SEX was a sedan than this would be it. This Rossa Competizione Tri-Coat paint is stunning. The soft lines of the car all seem to blend into each other to create a molded look, with no awkward angles, the interior is pure Italian, and you can definitely see the Ferrari influence. Any if you’re still not convinced listen to that engine. The Germans need to look out, the Italians are coming, just call her Giulia!

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