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Last year Adidas unveiled its brand center on the corner of 46th and 5th in New York, the store encompasses 4 floors and is over 45000 square feet with each floor dedicated to a category. The environment blends together its urban roots with its performance clothing. The design is quite bold and simple, raw materials, including unfinished cinder block, chain link fencing, and polished concrete floors are balanced with large 20ft high LED screen in the center of the space.  The environment has a high-end feel, due to the use of space, all of the merchandise is presented beautifully and organized well. If all the branding and merchandise was removed, the space could double as an advertising firm, tech start-up or restaurant. Take a look at the images and let me know what you think, and if you’re in New York, definitely check it out.


Category – Retail Design – Adidas Brand Center – New York City

Why it’s important – Demonstrate destination shopping and focus on Brand Recognition over just sales.

Favorite Element – Use of chain link fence to associate with urban playground feel – (I used the same element for Nerf) I also like The Track and The Turf.

Did you know  – Adidas is largest sportswear company in Europe (Second in the world) – Started by 2 brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler – After a family feud between the Rudolf left to start a rival company RUDA later renamed to PUMA. The name comes from his name adi-das.

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Adidas’ New Megastore in NYC Is Its Largest in the World

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